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Here comes the weekend...and lacrosse
by posted 01/15/2021

Good Afternoon Blackhawks,

Tomorrow we hit the fields again to continue to learn and improve our lacrosse skills with individual skills, situational drills, and gameplay situations.

Last week we focused on the following:

Individual skills - passing and catching on the run, ground balls on the run

Situational drills - 1 v 2 and 2 v 3

Gameplay situations - transition from Def to Att zone, settled offense, and balanced field in the attacking zone

This week we will focus on similar skills and drills that will culminate in a scrimmage against Coach Angela's team.

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Please remember to complete your health screening. The link follows:


Girls 5/6:

Survey Link:




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Required Health Screening, Live Stream Link & Good News
by posted 01/08/2021

Summary - Email from Girls Commissioner.  Please read and complete.  Be aware that your Sports Reality waiver is not complete until you confirm the confirmation email is complete after initialing and signing the online forms.


Hi Blackhawk Families!

As we get ready for tomorrow, we have two action items for all families.  We also wanted to share the live stream link and relay some good news about a few parents being allowed to watch inside Sports Reality.  

First - All families (except Lil Laxhawks) need to complete the Sports Reality waiver.  Your child cannot play if this is not completed

Second – All families and coaches, including Lil Laxhawks, need to complete the COVID Health Screening per US Lacrosse Safe Return to Play and our insurance.  Your child cannot play if this is not completed. Scroll down to find your childs division:    

Third – Live Streaming!  We will have 2 live streams going on the Blackhawk Youtube channel.  One for Field A and another for Field B.  Click here to access the Blackhawk channel, and then hit subscribe: 

Lastly – The good news 😊 We can allow 2 parents per team, each week, to come inside Sports Reality to watch in person (must wear masks).  We have done this by creating “jobs” for these parents so we are still in compliance (scorekeeper, etc.).  We will be circulating a sign up genius (coming soon) – please sign up for one spot only to give everyone an opportunity.

Thank you for bearing with us through all these extra logistics so we can provide this Winter program.  We look forward to seeing all the kids tomorrow! 

~Jennifer Ferrell, Blackhawk Lacrosse

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Coaching Philosophy & Club COVID-19 Processes
by posted 01/06/2021

Good Morning Blackhawks,

Summary of Post:

- Chris Fraser's Coaching Philosophy

- Blackhawk/Sports Reality COVID-19 Processes and Procedures

Coaching Philosophy

 Instill within an athlete a love for lacrosse; confidence in her individual abilities; trust in her fellow athletes; accountability for her action; respect for her teammates, her opponents, and the game; and a desire to lead on and off the field.


I have what I consider four non-negotiables 

1) Respect - Athletes, coaches, and parents must respect themselves, each other, the officials, the rules, and the history of lacrosse.  This respect must be demonstrated both on and off the field.

2) Safety - I strive to create the safest environment for the girls in regards to their physical safety and psychological safety.  Practices will be intense at times, games will be fast-paced, and it will all be done in a safe environment

3) Growth Mindset - I also refer to this as having a winning mindset.  The challenges of this game will manifest differently in each athlete.  We will overcome those challenges together. 

4) Fun - We are going to have fun!

Blackhawk/Sports Reality COVID-19 Processes and Procedures

We are very excited to be able to offer a Winter League again this year. That said, due to COVID, there are some things that will look a little different and we thank you in advance for complying so that the girls can still get out there and play.

• Only Players and Coaches are allowed in the facility. There is a maximum number that is allowed in the facility at one time and we cannot exceed it.

o Sports Reality has several large garage doors that will be open and allow for parents to watch from outside IF the weather permits.

o Blackhawk is currently testing a process to live stream the practices/games so parents can still watch even if the garage doors are not open.

• Entrance & Exit Procedure to avoid congestion. Players drop off is at the main entrance just like normal. Players will exit through the back door (parking lot side) and wait with their coach at their designated tent for pick up. See attachment for a diagram.

• Sports Reality Waiver must be signed by every player (or guardian) prior to January 9th. Please complete it at your earliest convenience:

• Coaches will be wearing masks. Players are not required to wear masks while participating but may if that is their family preference.

• We will have plenty of hand sanitizer and sanitizing spray on-site – in addition, Sports Reality keeps these things on-site and in their restrooms as well. We thank you again for understanding and complying with these changes which allow us to continue to offer Winter League Lacrosse.


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Welcome to Blackhawk Winter League
by posted 01/06/2021

Good Morning and Happy New Year Blackhawks.

I am excited and honored to have the opportunity to once again coach a group of athletes in the Richmond area.  Winter league means indoor lacrosse, and indoor lacrosse is a fast-paced twist on traditional grass/outdoors/full-field lacrosse.  Indoor lacrosse forces the athletes to work in small spaces and develops quickness which translates well to field lacrosse.

Our first meeting will be on Jan 9, 2021, 3:40 PM at Sports Reality.  I will make another post that lays out the COVID-19 safety processes and procedures in place at Sports Reality and Blackhawks processes for athletes and coaches flow during check-in.

If I had the privilege of being your coach in the fall, I look forward to seeing you again.  If I have not coached you before, I look forward to meeting you.


Thank you - Chris

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